Saturday, 31 October 2009

nose update!!

ok, so i know how much you all like reading about my nose piercing escapade...well its looking a bit better today-still as red as hell, but at least the stud didnt either fall out overnight, or the hole didnt close up so much-with the stud in there-that it got stuck!
progress!ha i might do my tragus next:p

got the shock of my life when i woke up this morning...frgot my lovely flat now resembles a grotto, and awoke to fing myself staring at CHRISTMAS!!

happy halloween!


Friday, 30 October 2009

I dont even like christmas...

ok, bah humbug, but seriously, how can you not find the season of goodwill seriously depressing?i mean christmas is fab when ur little, and its exciting-i remember my fav bit was seeing if rudolph 'ate' the carrot i left out...

But now, as soon as it gets to august, christmas starts appearing in the first its this little whisper, as it gets to september, you have more chance of buying a stocking than a pair of school shoes, and eventually you think its totally normal to go to tesco and come back with a tin of quality street, a bag of tangerines and a packet of mince pies...before the end of october!!
I mean, people, how can you forget halloween-incidently, is this(well, apart from valentines day), the most ridiculous mad eup holiday ever!!but i digress, and anyway, i love halloween.

Back to christmas..ok so the bulid up can be kinda fun, but if your family is anything like mine, its just the most depressing thing ever to be surrounded by people all desperately trying not to kill the other with a turkey baster.
And whats more boring than the queens speech?and who actually likes quality street?
And as soon as its over, everyone gets all depressed and miserable in the anti climax, and then you realise the presents you bankrupted yourself buying are now available for half the original price...if you are bold enough to brave the january sales.Think primark on a saturday afternoon, then multiply volume of people by about 500 and your almost there. One more xmas conundrum...why do people camp outside for the next sale?!?!

All the above are perfectly legitimate reasons as to why my house currently resembles a grotto, with enough fairy lights to induce a seizure, and a tree so tacky it hurts to look at!:p

merry christmas.
and yes, im perfectly aware its still october.


Ha! now thats a bit more like it!

think im a bit more with it today:) which always helps!i might even make it out of bed today!hmn what to wear today...ive been coverting this cute little grey dress for months, which a have on a 'one day loan'from my friend, so im thinking that shall make me happy:) and i may have to add a lot of bows. Today im going to funk my denim skirt up a bit, cnat decide wether to make it look all nautical, or wether to bow it up, also have the cutest patch of a deer, which i mite sew on...hmn decisions!
and thats how exciting my life is!
oh, and i might actually do some uni work today:)


Thursday, 29 October 2009

somehow i thought a nervous breakdown would be more glamorous than this!

Ok-im not taking the mick-read my other blog, but seriously, surely this conjours up images of sofa's, duvets, an endless supply of kinder beuonos and kettle chips, and the odd bottle of wine or six, whilst watching lots of daytime tv, and only leaving the comfort of your duvet for the odd toilet break. All in all, a break from life, and a rather relaxing one at that...this is the stuff daydreams are made of.FACT.
Having a nervous breakdown...not so much. Ok, so im kinda joking, but i do feel seriously at breaking point at the mo...and yesterday i got to the omg i am never leaving my house/bed again/cant cope sort of scenario.and it was very messy, involving a lot of snot and tears.And a couple of very worried friends.and a few phonecalls to various out of hours services. and i still feel a mess, and you know what-well if you want my advice, daytime tv is rubbish anyway, its a surefire way to get a one way ticket to springfields, and it just aint glamorous.
im not taking the just trying to see if theres a funny side to this.and i think im failing miserably.


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

arg!my nose!!

my nose!i look like rudolph!!why did i do this, why?!?!?!?!arg!!!!!and now its all gunky (yum) but ive been religiously cleaning it?!



Tuesday, 27 October 2009

At least im having a good clothes day:)

lol, ok so its all a bit MEH, but today, am wearing my friends donated denim skirt(which i have major customisation plans for, involving buttons, patches and bows!),burgandy tights, a blue top and a stripy blue and white cardie:)this is prob the most sensible thing i have ever worn!must go find some mad jewellery, not quite right!


Meh all out of sorts today, need to sort my life out (or preferably, someone else tell me how to do this?!please!). Ive got so many big decisions to make and i dunno what to do.
ANd while we are at it , why are bloody boys sooo i said, meh.
Ok, so heres my ideal world scenario...juts humour me , ok? Im still 25, but im already a qualified physio, and I work in a hosp, but not in outpatients, in neuro or something. Ive got a lovely boyfriend(who, if he isnt Caleb from kings of leon, is at least either russian, or ginger.dont ask) and we live in a lovely house. Ive got a boxer dog called bailey, or maybe ruby, who i have just let out in to the orchard, where i keep my ponies, at the back of house. Im not rich, but im not poor, and im having a good time:)
Is it really that much to ask!!ok, daydream over, i could go on for hours. and to be fair, i HAVE got an amazing flat, which i love.
I just cant really understand how i managed to end up in cornwall, cos seriouslyits like a different country to where im from...south london lol.
its like i woke up one day and realised id missed about about 4 years of my life.
And i miss my best friend, who moved away, and all the mad adventures we got up to. Everyones changing and moving on, and its just reminding me ive wasted a big chunk of my life.
God, im in a good mood today, right?!:p

anyway, whats the famous last words donnie?...its alright tho...cos im having a good time!:P

suggestions on a postcard please


Monday, 26 October 2009


Haha went on mental roadtrip today...was supposed to be going to dartmoor, so my friend could study the ponies for her psyc project...however we both failed to realise we were unlikely to get there before it was pitch black and therefore pointless!

A few words of advice about roadtripping...its really not a good game to see how far you can get on an empty tank!!good old pete(car) is a total lege tho, he always see's us through!
Lol unavoidable toilet stops...always advisable not to stop somewhere public...yes you may well have found a hedge, until you look around and realise you are in front of a train station!:) also, t pays to remember two rules of driving...1.theres a reason you are not allowed to do u turns on dual carriage ways!and 2. if something goes wrong DONT just stop!!bloody hilarious, good times:)

and ALWAYS have some tubthumping like to dance:)


my poor nose!

well i must say, it looks fabulous today!just in case anyone thinks its a good idea-dont pierce your own nose!:p


Sunday, 25 October 2009

a word about fireworks...a totally legit(albeit funny) reason i hate them!

so there I was mooching about my flat, quite happily making a cuppa (vanilla rooibos if your interested) and i heard the dreaded noise...sodding fireworks!! A couple of things i feel i quite strongly about- 1.its still daylight.whats the point?
2.its not even halloween yet!
I HATE fireworks. If i had one of those funky 'under the stairs' cupboards id go and take up residence every year about this time, for a couple of weeks. I'm not a spoilsport, but why watch your money (literally) go up in smoke?
Anyway, when i was about 5 or 6, my dad came over to visit and bought a box of fireworks with him, to try and bribe us to like him again (my parents divorced, dads visits were fairly eratic).
My dad, being a total genius pinned a catheine wheel on to our WOODEN garden fence.BANG! 'oooh vic, look at the pretty colours'.'oooh dad is the whole garden supposed to be on fire?!' GENIUS
Anyway, i now have an acute fear of fire.its a good job I dont smoke cos lightning up would have been an issue. I dont do candles, and I cant strike a match. I nearly failed my A level practical chemistry exam because i couldnt manage to light my bunsen burner(teacher took pity in the end).

Thanks guyforkes, for creating this marvelous holiday!


New nose piercing and surfing = sillyness

Well the other day I had the genius idea of re-piercing my nose, after it closed up. I spent ages sterilising needle etc, and though i did a grand job, until i woke up the next day looking not disimilar to rudolph...OUCH!
Anyways, today I went to the beach with my friend, and we went surfing.

Hmn actually I think this calls for a little see when I say surfing, what I actually mean is the newly invented sport called 'half boarding'.
How this works, is when your feeling especially skint, but really want to be having a giggle with your friend in the summer, you find a broken bodyboard which has been dumped on the beach. And, cos your mum always taught you to share, you break it in half...and viola!you have 2 perfect halfboards! we have since collected a random assortment of abandoned gear and boards, which i will no doubt tell you all about at some point!

Anyways we went today, and brightspark here had to cover her nose piercing up with micropore tape, to stop it just falling out in the sea...and yes, i did attract some strange looks(but that could also have been because i was wearing fluffy socks inside my surf shoes), but it did the job. Until i took it off and it ripped the sodding stud out!
which then meant i had to spend 10 mins in car trying to achieve a state of inner calm after i practically had to repierce the flipping hole again!!
A word of advice...dont do it!


leopard print im not joking!

i look ridiculous!:) i am wearing blue leopard print leggings, black shorts and a big grey top(yes, tho one friends have to practically wrestle me out of!) magnifique!!there is something about knowing i look oh so silly which i love!:) i feel this outfit must see daylight! i did something uber silly the other day...i decided to repierce my own nose...yes NOT the brightest idea, totally dont recomend it...looked fine after i did it, and now looks spectacular...lovely and red, so just been dousing it in surgical spirit!in hindsight, definately not ne of my brightest ideas!:P

Saturday, 24 October 2009


haha how exciting is poundland!how many peices of tack are available for £1-many! need a flourescent yellow bucket-check. cow print pliers?yup. 'quality' beauty items-with all instructions/labels in foreign language-endless possibilites! I love poundland!! best game ever is to drag a friend in with you and see who can find the most tacky/disgusting/useless/amazing item!!
Today i bought-some false nail gems-oh the fun to be had!
a notebook in the shape of a cupcake
and was very tempted by a kiddies chalkboard

endless possibilities! oh, yo might have noticed, am very easily pleased!:p

Previous winners of the useless item competition have included a microwave jacket potato cooker(ie lurid and bizarly shaped piece of plastic), a 'magic tin opener'(indeed was magic, and cleverly disguised as a bottle opener-wrong box me thinks!), some dusters which alarmingly caused everything they touched to become yellow, and some 'water based' paints(99.9% water)
loves it!! xxx

its alright though...cos im having a good time!

Ok, so this is all going to be about things that make me happy...some things to know about a big loser:) but im proud! i love wearing mad clothes, tacky shoes and im quite happy to look like a bit of a fool if it makes me happy! I love clothes and jewellery-but not in a superficial clothes junkie kinda way, i just like how you can play around. Im not the most confident person that you will ever meet. My friends tell me ive got a 'funky' sense of humour, and i love making poeople laugh. I adore kings of leon, i love anything pink, bows, and sparkly stuff.ooh and im a bit obsessed with my hair straightners!
Today im wearing tights with a bow print on them, a blue cord skirt, and a burgandy jumper, pretty boring actually, so think will put my ballet shoes on(actual ballet shoes, i kid you not)
God i sound superficial...but hey, im not trying to write to make myself sound fantastic. Ive been going through a bit of a funny patch in life, and its made m realise that you have to start trying to be happy with yourself before anyone else can...ha i appear to have a tendency to say the cheesiest things! but also, well its made me realise who my real freinds are, and how important they are to me:) so im gonna make today a good day!:)

Friday, 23 October 2009

Being Me

Ok, so over the years there have been a lot of me's. You know when you just try to be what everyone else expects you to be? Well, recently i spoke to someone utterly amazing. She really helped me, and she will never know quite how much. Now im not going to go all oprah on you, she just told me something I really needed to hear...'that it is perfectly acceptable and utterly brilliant to be individual!'.
So before you start thinking thats totally obvious...well its not really, not always. And its not like i now totally love myself or just going to try out being me for a while, and not who everyone else thinks i should be. xxx