Monday, 30 November 2009

Last nights fun and games!

Little bit of advice...If your going to fall asleep, best not when the police are knocking at your door to check if your ok after you've spoken to docs!Ended up with them kicking my door in, and i totally slept through it!

very big bill from locksmith-very stressed Vicki!


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A remedy for feeling blue...

'Because of the times'.Track 9.Repeat til feel better.


Monday, 23 November 2009

Clothes loaning system!!

Hmn think may have to reconsider the fine for late return of 'fashion item'!! hahahaha you know who you are. And yes, im well aware i still have half your clothes!ooopsy!:P


Saturday, 21 November 2009

what a lovely day:)

I've had a most fabulous day! Saw my good friend, who I havnt seen for a good few years, for one reason or another, and we had the most brilliant catch up today! Somethings dont change a bit:) had a nice mooch in town, then went and had Tapas and talked and talked and then some!! and my other fabulous friend is down from uni for the weekend, so am really enjoying it:) had to stop being antisocial sometime,and hey, this is a pretty good way!:)

Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy


Friday, 20 November 2009

best surprise ever!!

partner in crime knocking on my door!!!:D happy days!!xxx
im very happy right now!:)

Thursday, 19 November 2009

this is going to be one heck of a weekend!!

:D ok, so you all know ive been somewhat antisocial recently...if you want to know why, read, cos i only want to write happy thoughts here at the mo!!
But i have been looking dorward to this weekend for months!so im going to try really hard to get my arse in gear and enjoy it! My best friend is back for the weekend for uni, and i cannot wait to see her! and then i got a message from another amazing friend in london, who i havnt seen for about 3 years now, saying shes in cornwall visiting family, shall we meet up?...errr i think yes! So like i said, im still feeling a little people shy, but i cant wait to see them:)


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Christmas lights!

lol, ok so im guessing you all read my erm...'opinions on christmas' from last month. Apparantly, my plan to 'politely' ignore christmas, is being umm 'politely' ignored by my friends.
went to see the xmas lights being turned on in town today, why cant i escape these festivities!Actually, was quite fun, my friend gets soo excited about christmas...i wish i still did. Just makes me sad now. But sometimes, i do kinda enjoy the build up, but the last few have been craptastic.
hey ho.
or more like ho ho ho


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I'm the most boring person i know!

seriously...heres what i did today. Got up, went docs, came home, got pounced on by my neighbour (dear old man, v old, and v lonely) and i love talking to him normally, but he always gets me when i have beaucoup things to do! Wanted me to cook for him, he fancied bacon and eggs...errr i dont even cook for myself!Bless.

Anyways, so i got home, and have been doing uni work since 10am and its now 10pm. ooh i forgot the most exciting part of my day...had to go tescos and buy toilet

I am fed up!need exciting things to happen please (but preferably low energy requiring exciting things!)or maybe someone could just tell me about their exciting things!


Sunday, 15 November 2009

The most bizarre pub in cornwall...

Lol the other night I went to the pub across the road(literally) from my house with a friend. Its always had a rep for being...erm an acquired taste, and a bit of a scuzz hole. But there hasve been lots os figns up about it being under new management, so what the heck, decided to give it a go. JOKES.

Were grand total of 6 people in there-and one og them was the barman. Was the same dingy place as ever, but we went up to the bar for drinks, and the barman was freindly friendly in fact, that i had been offered a job within seconds of walking in there...err NO!
Ha also boosts interesting new approach to drinks...literally all they had available was strongbow, Vodka, or JD-and i mean thats it!looked a me like i was deranged foreigner when i asked for kahlua...they didnt even had any archers!Ha made the mistake of asking for ice, they had to go down to the cellar, and came back with a bowl of ice-lumps so big, didnt fit in glass!
Dont think we didnt have fun...was hilarious...New manager challenged us to pool, was so drunk he got confused when we tried to pay for drinks. Worryingly, he explained how hw had been placed in the pub by the brewery to improve things and pick up trade...hmn.

Also had a whale of a time, as only other people in there were pair of 18 year old chavs, who were obviously having some sort of 'who can grind against a girl in the most offensive way comp' in vetween drinking half points of strongbow, and getting there arses kicked at pool by my mate!

All in all, a pretty normal friday night then!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Text speak!

I remeber the days when i used to really hate all the abbrieviations that people used to text...especially lol. in fact it took me ages to figure out what it meant-and also,well duh, if your laughing, of curse its out loud?!!
Anyways it used to be a big erk of mine and seriously annoy me...i used to write everything out in full!
and now i find myself acyually SAYING 'lol' in conversation. how did this happen!?!AAARRRGGGG!
colon p


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

its all about knee socks my friend!

I love knee socks! am weairng denim skirt, black leggings and dark grey knee socks over the top, and they have cute ribbon bows on the sides, nd lacy-ness!they make me feel like a dancer lol :)


Monday, 9 November 2009

clothes swapping:)

i love clothes swapping!its fun to rummage through your girlies clothes and try everything on and swap about-endless wardbrobe potential!
ha i was thinking the other day-about half my clothes actually belong to other people, and how me and my friends have developed a sort of library-loaning system for clothes!:)
important fshion items-these range from my blue leopard print leggings, to my bow skirt, or one of my 'vicki special' dresses!these are all short term lol only, with fines accrued for late return(extra borrowing of friends important fashion items!)
Basically-no prolonged stealing of statement and trademark items!!

Medium best-stuff you wear alot, but can cope without..includes useful things like tops, jeans etc etc most peoplesmedium best is made up of things pikied from friends and long forgotton anyway!so longer loans available:p

'eww, thats scabby, you can have that'items-include things like comfort tshirts and hoodies-once loaned, will never reappear again! Beware forgetting they are not actually yours...offering to lend your friend an old tshirt then realising that the said'skanky' item is actually theres..well not always a plan!!
anyway, other peoples comfort clothes are much more appealing than your own!!

one off, unique items-are sacred and generally only lent to try and cheer a miserable friend up:) the promise of a loan of one of these items is greeted with much excitement-as it tends to be something you have lusted after for ages...
recent example of friend 'permemently borrowed' this awsome grey smock dress from a freind...who had pikied it from her friend!its a really simple dress, but is MAGIC as looks good on everyone!had been coverting it for ages, and actually had the pleasure of a week long which time i wore it everyday! my friend recently got it back, and i bet she is now regretting leaving it anywhere near me again!:p



Saturday, 7 November 2009

some luck eh?!i was right, should in fact have just stayed in bed!!

Someone is having the biggest belly laugh at me right glad im entertaining somebody, but seriously, give me a break!
ok, so last night i NEEDED to straighten my hair...straight hair makes me happy, and yes its vain, but i dont care:)i owe many things to whoever envented this electrical genius-however i now have a teeny tiny grudge agianst the manufacturers of my last pair. I got my hair cut the other week to cheer me up, and i LOVE, but it does need straightening, or i will end up looking like a mophead...or someone whos had a shock, which, funnily enough is quite fitting really.
so there i was happily doing my thing, sectioned my hair, started doing it, and the electric cut out, with this funny sizzling noise.
we figured out the fuse had tripped, started again, 5 mins later there was a louder bang and then no elec again.
anyway, because the god of straight hair, obviously understands my immense need, i figured it couldnt possibly be the straightners, must be the took them into kitchen withmy mirror, plugged then in...BABOOM!!literaly exploded, blue sparks, the works!!
totally traumatised-mahussive electric shock, combined with trauma of no straightners, had an absolute hissy!
lol i phoned my best friend to tell her about my adventure...and insteadof saying 'you bloody fool for repeatedly trying to use them', consoled me by saying-'well, yes, id risk my life for straight hair'!mind you, this is the girl who ALWAYS has her GHDs with her, just in case.ALWAYS.:p

lol only way i would calm down was via the immeadiate purchase of some new ones-thank god for 24hr tesco!!lol walked home lovingly craddeling them.

so anyway, there i am today doing the washing up, thinking 'i really really cant put my uni work off any longer', when i broke a glass in the sink, and sliced into my finger!:( big ouch, blood everywhere, had a proper panic, called my friend who took me up hosp, where we spent a happy 3 hours or so laughing at the lenghts i will go to in an attempt to avoid my biochem assignment!

and just to cheer me up a little more, had a nice shower, put a facemask onto chill have very red, very itchy face-v allergic to facepack.



Friday, 6 November 2009

things i would like to do...

go out dancing
drink kahlua
find a pretty boy and get up to some maughty-ness

things i am actually doing
uni work
washing up
cleaning bathroom

oh well:)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

knit one, purl one...

repeat many, many times:p
happy days!


Wednesday, 4 November 2009


ok, so the plan is- a navy and white striped scarf, then i am going to sew some red bows on to it-applique style, so will make patch-like bows from red fabric to sew on!and im thinking might experiment and try amd make mittens this year:)
also i REALLY want to make a sailor girl type dress, have pretty much got the pattern figured out, so will have to wait til i can save up for the fabric now.
then i need to start making everyones christmas presents!!:)
Hmn ive been thinking, what with it getting a fair bit chilly now, i haveny been wearing my usual vic outfits...appear to have adopted a winter uniform of my amazing grey tweed shorts and blue and white striped cardi, with burgandy tights. very cute, lol but feels shockingly grown upby my standards!what i needis to make some warmer winter style tunic type dresses.
trouble is, a while a go now, i had a mad wardbrobe clear out of all the stuff i horded i never wore, felt bad in, or just didnt, and will never fit! a bit of advice...if your going to do this, DON'T do it in summer, and leave yourself with an (albeit amazing and fantastic!) capsule warbrobe of pretty dresses (mostly nautical/bow/bird themed) because however cute it is, your totslly stuffed in winter!
:p having said that, you all know i adore my clothes, and its a bad day indeed if i wear anything other than a 'vicki special'-motto-there is few things i wouldnt wear!


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

ha!i really do write a load of old rubbish:)

i think the title says it all!
today, i have to say, was mostly spent in bed:p i think my glands are about 4 times the size they should be, so i dont hold out much hope for emerging from my duvet anytime soon!yes, i know im being pathetic, but also feel like having a bit of a break from the world right now-a mental health day or two!
i started making some pretty bracelets today, and the silly elastic snapped, so now keep finding little seed beads in my bed, the little blighters.
also managed to draw out a pattern for a dress i want to make, now just have to try and find the right fabric, im quite excited about this one, havnt made a dress for a while now.
also am thinking its time to start knitting me a scarf, might try and be a bit more ambitious this year,but will prob stick to the nautical theme ive had going on for a while now. i made a shocking discovery today...was looking through my clothes, and realised there was hardly anything pink anymore!however did this happen?!?!its not right, must be rectified atearliest possible opportunity, or will be forced to wear fairy costume to compensate!!

back into my nest i go!


i dont feeeel welllll:(

im sulking, cos my throat is so sore cannot bear to swallow/talk/breathe etc etc

im not good at being ill, and especially not when have so much uni work to get done!!

on the plus side, i now have a legitimate reason to skip group tonight!!


Monday, 2 November 2009

tinchy <3

is time i told you all about my love for tinchy(as in strider). He is about 4 inches tall, and is the result of a very drunken night with my prtner in crime dl. Lol it all started off when she declared her love for dappy from ndubzs, and i laughed.a lot. i made a sock monkey for her as a moving away present, and we named him dappy-of course was a striking resemblence, goes without saying:p

so one night, there we were, 2 bottles of wine later(both under £3, so you can imagine what they tasted like) and we had the sudden bright idea to make a sock owl, as you do, when your horrifically pissed. Now i use the term owl as a very loose description, as in actual fact looks a lot more like a penguin:p

incidently-pete, im sure you will never read this, but yes, we did turn your missing black socks in to Tinchy!!

As i recall, we went out shortly after(slightly pontless was about 10 minutes before evrywhere kicked out for the night)and when i got back, literally crawled into bed, and woke up to find tinchy next to my head.
i am now very attatched, in manor of 5 year old with security blanket!

so no laughing at tinchy!!he rocks!

and yes, i do appreciate its slightly random to get drunk and then start sewing, but you had to be there!


Sunday, 1 November 2009

good and proper done in!

im sooo tired. I wouldnt mind if there was an actual reason for this knackered-ness, but alas, i think im just lazy:p
A whole week of no uni, and i have done nothing any work, however have been up to a fair amount of mischief, and been mega stressed with docs appointments/hospital etc

And now i would like a week in bed to make up for this, thanks very much!

too tired to write anything tha will make any actual sense :p