Sunday, 27 December 2009

Boxing day adventures!

haha, so on christmas day, we went to the beach...and some joker has put a christmas tree up on the we decided, obviously it needed to be decorated!

so we picked out the most ridiculous decs from my tree(S) and off we went to the beach!

was freezing, and theres me and shiz running across the beach in tights and tshirts (love the way we wore wetsuits in summer!) with pink sparkly things in tow and everyone looking at us like nutters. Unfortuately the tide was in. so we had to wade out to the rocks, and then shiz climbed up to make the tree look pretty, while people on beach all staring in amazement at two nutters climbing up rocks with tide coming in!

tree looked fab, good job done!

who puts a tree on the beach anyway?!was obviously our duty to decorate!


Friday, 25 December 2009


Well. this part of the day is feeling a little strange, but this morning was fun!went to the beach with helen and kim, and we had a right laugh going for a paddle, soaking eachother and playong with pip the dog!

And they are coming over later for christmas fun, involving wine and dvd's :)

Lol my friends know me very well, judging from my awsome presents!


Thursday, 24 December 2009

Is this not the most ridiculous thing ever!

Haha was google image searching hello kitty-forgive me, am bored and trying to get through christmas eve haha

But seriously, i know you can get hello kitty on pretty much anything these days (and yes, people really do buy things just cos they are HK!)

But is this taking it a little too far....

Yay, curious george pic!!

yay i did it!!

how cute is this!

Curious George!

How did i forget how amazingly cute the original curious george pictues are!!i used to love the story books!

stupid comp wont let me post pic!:(

oh yeh, happy christmas!!


Sunday, 20 December 2009

My own personal forest...!!

haha i gave in and decided i did really want a christmas tree yesterday, so i could do 'christmas on my terms', as shiz puts it.

I bet she really regretted that when i made her go everywhere to help me find a pink xmas tree! lesson learnt...there is absolutely NO POINT in looking for christmas decs a week before christmas...

But what i have now is even better:) I have a christmas tree forest! Cos i have my white 'halloween tree', that got put up in october-dont go there-and a teeny tiny blue tree with MASSIVE baubles on it, jokes, its about half a foot high! Then we have the amazing BLACK tree that shiz found in sainsburys, covered in the pic and silver decs we hunted out from charity shops. Lol we were planning on getting a big tree, so we had lots of tree decs, so we decided we should hijack my friends little pink tree had bought for her room at halls, which is a glorious mish mash of colour! And bows.there are lots of bows everywhere:)

I love my forest...
they may be small, but all perfectly formed! (unless clashing colours arnt your thing!)


Thursday, 17 December 2009

Welcome to loserville


that would be me.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

UCAS - yehaaaa!baby i sent it!

Yeh baby yeh!

So i've ended up applying for-drumroll dedededeeeerrrrr

UWE Bristol
St Georges
Kings college

and not plymouth.not sure entirely how i feel about this at the moment. Cos plymouth is a dump, and would hate it, and hate the course they do their, all PBL, but would be near my homies...:(((((



I cannot possibly express how much i hate this organisation. I long for the days when you used to fill in the form with a flippin pen. I must be old. And what exactly do they do with the £17 they are demanding from me. Bit excessive for photocopying, no?

And yet here I am filling in what must be at least my 5th UCAS form! they are earning a nice little living from me. At least im doing the course that i want this time, but which uni?arg.

at the mo is narrowed down to-
First choice-UWE, because its near and my best friend is living there.

Plymouth-dont like AT ALL, but near, and wouldnt need to move.But admin tutor hates me.

St Georges-because i could move make to where i came from!and i like the idea of a smaller college attatched to a hosp. And would be dead proud if i got in.

Kings college- see above. and how kick ass!and my mum would be pissed!(yes i know thats not a good reason to pick a uni, its more of a bonus point!)

Then the mayb's to fill up the form-
Brunnel- Cos i like uxbridge. And tommi there.and lots of riding.

Brighton-cos they take anyone

UEL-cos it would be jokes to live in east london(and cheap, hello whitechapel!)

Keele-supposedly posh, low entry requirement, no interview policy.natch.who wouldnt apply!

Liverpool-because would get a whole lot of satisfaction from getting a place, and take great pleasure in turning it down!(ok, not going to apply here, but would be funny. And at somepoint i do need to go back there, if only to get my stuff from halls-from like 2004!)

Manchester met-good for shopping is manchester.also fairly likely to get shot/mugged/stabbed.something to think about.

please leave suggestions.please, go on.i have to send this off like now!!


Monday, 14 December 2009


I just cooked the most fab veggie roast, containing, erm, a lot of vegetables! was getting quite angry with the parsnips in the end, but they behaved eventually:)was fun, had a giggle cooking for my friend and I(doesnt often happen!), and was well needed after this afternoon. Ha cannot 'pop' into town for a few bits with shiz without it taking at least 3 hours, i really dont know how we do it!me thinks truro fabrics is quite distracting:)
hmn would quite like to hibernate now!


Sunday, 13 December 2009

The godess of binbags and other such things!

I owe a lot to the goddess of binbags! I was carrying my washing back from my friends car( lol my own personal laundry service!), 2 massive binbags full, and they started to split as soon as lifted from car. The goddess of binbags was obviously listening as i uttered a little prayer...

'please oh goddess of binbags, dont let my bags split, please dont let the whole of truro see my knickers fall into the road, and my pretty dresses get squished by a car. Please, and i swear i will never overload you from now on, and i will never ever ever put anything recyclable into you by accident again, but please dont let my bags break'!!!

Just made it to my front door.

However, I appear to have fully offended the goddess of front doors at some home last night, was so hungry i cant even begin to explain, put my key in the lock, turned it...nothing. Stupid lock had jammed. Que very angry landlord having to book locksmith to come out on sunday morning(today). So i had to stay with my friend last night, got back this morning to meet lanlord, and the stupid door opened by fluke! apparantly the lock is a bit weird, so all replaced, for like the second time in a month.GGGRRR and im not even a door slammer!hmn, maybe its the posters i used to have on my doors thats causing offence...

Today i was fully dressed like a student.Let me explain.For years, i went out of my way to not dress like a student, and basically just live ny the principal of 'pretty clothes were made to be worn at all times'. Now, i fully admit that this approach is a little hit and miss at times, as in, yes sonetimes i do look a little...erm interesting, but hey, whatever floats your boat. So today i swapped clothes with my friend, just for a giggle, before we went on a potentialy stressful little outing, reasoning that pretty dress will reduce her stress levels. And i ended up in student staples-hoodie, denim skirt, and my cutie ballet shoes-couldnt leave them out! was very odd experience indeed!


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Top ten reasons for how i'm messing my life up so spectaculy ! :(

1.Read my other blog

2.I got with a skank boy again, thought i would have learnt after my ex.Guess not!

3.Am a crap friend, cos dont know wether im coming or going.

4.i think im probably an alkie.

5.I feel a complete mess, read my other blog some more. Ditto door scenario.

6.My family dont want anything to do with me, fairplay, i dont want to know then either, but i am so lonely, like all the time.But on the other hand, it get all stresses out with anyone other than my bestest friends.

7.I'm messing college up, cos i cant go in. This is a combination of being piss poor, and feeling lower than low.and i dont just mean 'bit fed up'.

8.STILL dont know what to do with my life, and if i dont get my UCAS done pronto il be even more screwed. But i really dont know what to do, i just know i need to do something.

9.why cant i find a boy who isnt a complete arse, just for once?

10.Im 25.and im about as rich as a bolivian peasant.this depresses me.a lot. And yes, i except my doc is right i do need a break, but seriously, how is anyone supposed to live on like a fiver a week, plus buy proper food to recover from ED?!

Ok i thought of more than 10...

11. Am going to lose my beautiful flat, because stupid bollocking housing benefit rate has changed.IM NOT SKANKING OFF THE STATE-i have paid my tax long enough to be claimimg some back while im ill, but why have they just slashed all the rates IN HALF!! Getting my house was the most amazing thing, and now im going to fucking lose it.

12. I'm just a bit crap really

13. I spend half my life at the doctors, or on the phone to freaking out of hours service.sweet.

14.Read my other blog again

think that about sums it up.


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Boys that dont play nicely 2

Forget John Tucker, JIM ROBSON MUST DIE!!!


If your in any doubt as to how amazingly angry i am, last night i listened to the following song for a few HOURS, adding about a hunderd views to its youtube rating. And my version of angry boy music normally means a big dose 'Charmer' by kings of leon, or praps a bit of incubus. Just for comparison.

I freaking hate you, by godsmack,

and ALL of the lyrics were relevant. And i dont do angry music. Worst i get is the pretendet by the foo's.

skanking sleezy scuzzbucket

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Marmite, Rose' and boys that dont play nicely...

So, yesterday I found out that there in fact are guys who think its fun to work their way through an entire friendship group...and think that we all to stupid to talk to eachother! Said individual also isnt very imaginative, and really needs to learn some new this ok anyone?! Also. little tip, if your going to mess about...well at least make sure you dont get peoples names muddled up, its a bit of a giveaway.
Hey ho, what goes around will come around, and at least it was pretty fun working out how to completely screw him over, and the Rose' definatly helped things along nicely, hic, ahem, i mean haha.

Moral being, that all boys clearly think with the thing in their pants, as opposed to the thing in their heads (if its there at all). Knobhead.

Oh well, last night was jokes anyway, clearly much wine was drunk, and an awful lot of moopy music was played. Bizarly i was suddenly striken with the small of beef, was so overwhelmong, couldnt work out where the hell it waas coming from, smelt EVERYTHING, and i mean everything, my friend as afraid i was going to make her have a fully clothed shower at one point, until we both noticed the open jar of marmite on the windowsill...had forgotten she has a bit of a thing for dipping carrots in marmite (dont even go there!), and had in fact been smelling essence of marmite for hours...ok you prob had to me there, but was knicker wetting funny, was like a demented sniffer dog trying to figure out where this smell was coming from!

lessons learnt
.Boys suck
.lid should always be put back on marmite
.I def have a limit to how much Rose' should be consumed
.clearly, becoming a nun is becoming a viable option.
.NEVER trust anyone who says 'I hate putting you in this position'. yes your right, it does in fact mean that he is a giant arse, and clearly enjoying the situation very much.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

my life be like!!(sorry i stole the phrase, you know who you are!)

but really, my life be like!
You can always trust your family to confuse you that teeny bit more when your already as lost as a goth in jd sports...
I thought I had it all clear in my head until they interfered, guess thats what they are for lol:)
oooh my dizzler player is really giving it some tonight, loving it!! Am particulary liking the foo's song 'the pretender' right now, seems quite apt somehow!
I am supposed to be writing an assignment on the wonders of cellular transportation, but I might do something drastic if i have to write the word 'osmosis' one more time. Instead, i chose to play on the internet, listen to angry rah songs and formulate a plan for world domination...just kidding!I'm acyually doing some sewing therapy, am making something cute to send someone who will never quite know how much they helped me this year...:)

But really my life be like!!
ooh far as what i wish i was wearing right now...there is a GORGEOUS tshirt in topshop that i want sooo covered in bows!I neeeeeeed it!!!:)

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

ooh its december!

actually, i only realised because my rent gets paid on the second of the month! I do think you either have to be a little'un, or have small people yourself to fully appreciate this time of year though, its all so magic and exciting when your little, and it just wears off and turns into STRESS when you get older lol
and dont even get me started on christmas songs!!!