Wednesday, 12 May 2010

the legend of the magical grey dress

There is a dress that gets passed around my friendship group.

Dont go thinking its like some fabulous out on the town kinda dress or anything. Its grey, its been washed about a million times, so its looking kinda old. Its a real plain jane of a dress. Little thin straps, made of cotton, not fitted at all, just some little buttons going down the front, at the top of it.Its basically a long kinda floaty at the bottom vest top.

But its the dress of legends!

dont be deceived by its ordinary looks-put it on and instantly it looks AMAZING. one size fits really-its been passed around a lot of people, all different sizes, and its fit and looked really good on everyone. its a lazy day dress. its a funky tights and pretty shoes kinda dress.its a beach dress, and its a 'too cool for school' student dress. Its the 'i dont know what to wear' dress. basically everyone loves it, and noone can find ANYTHING like it anywhere.

I guess its what people used to refer to as a 'wardrobe staple'

Right now its in my custody.Actually ive had it for ages, and negotiations are currently underway to decide who gets to take it to uni with them...


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